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Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, second from left, makes a guest appearance on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Thursday, April 8, 1993, in Los Angeles, Calif. The episode features a scene in which the character Data, back to the camera, participates in a poker game with a group of brilliant scientific figures consisting of Hawking, Einstein, and Newton. The actors are unidentified.

One of the most memorable scenes in cult TV show ‘Star Trek’ shows the character ‘Data’ playing a game of poker with a virtual Issac Newton, a virtual Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking who was representing himself, in the flesh. The episode aired in 1993 and was part of the show’s ‘Next generation’ season.

The series’s producer, Rachel Bell, wanted Hawking to be involved not only because of his academic reputation but because he “engages a young audience in science more than anyone else. Stephen loves pop culture, and not being seen as a fuddy-duddy.” Indeed, Hawking’s last run-in with the great minds of science came during a 1993 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. “I enjoyed my poker game with Einstein and Newton on the starship Enterprise,” he recalls, “but I didn’t collect my winnings because the game had to be abandoned, on account of a red alert.”


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